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What is Doctor's Dilemma℠?

ACP's national medical jeopardy competition, Doctor's Dilemma℠, is held each year at the annual scientific Internal Medicine meeting. Up to 50 teams of residents from around the nation compete for the title of national champion. The same style questions used in the competition are now available in this mobile format.

Which devices are supported?

All Internet-enabled devices equipped with a Web browser.

How do I begin?

Each game has 15 questions (3 categories of 5 questions). A game is named by its 3 categories and the date of release (e.g., 07/2008: Allergy, Ethics, Pregnancy). Click the name to begin.

How do I play the game?

The game will open with 3 columns. Each column has the category name abbreviation at the top, with 5 numbers ranging from 10-50 beneath it. Clicking on a number will take you to a question relating to that category. The numbers correspond to the question's point value (e.g., 20 = 20 points). Higher valued questions are typically more difficult than lower numbered questions.

Once you reach the question page, read the question and once you decide on an answer, click the "show answer" button. This will display the correct answer. If your answer matches, click "I was correct." If your answer differs, click "I was incorrect." Clicking correct or incorrect will return you to the main menu.

What are the categories?

Allergy = ALLRGY
Biostatistics = BIOSTA
Cardiology = CARDIO
Critical Care = CRIT
Dermatology = DERM
Ear, Nose, and Throat = ENT
Endocrinology = ENDO
Epidemiology = EPID
Ethics = ETHICS
Gastroenterology = GASTRO
General Medicine = GENMED
Genetics and Genomics = GENE
Geriatrics = GERIAT
Guidelines = GUIDE
Gynecology = GYN
Hematology = HEMAT
History = HISTRY
Infectious Diseases = INFDIS
Intensive Care Unit = ICU
Nephrology = NEPHRO
Neurology = NEURO
Oncology = ONCLGY
Ophthalmology = OPHTHA
Pharmacology = PHARM
Physical Exam = PHYEXM
Poison = POISON
Pregnancy = PRGNCY
Psychiatry = PSYCH
Pulmonary = PULM
Rheumatology = RHEUM
Women's Health = WOMENS

What do the + and - symbols mean?

As you answer questions, the game board is updated with a + symbol for questions you had correct and a - symbol for incorrect answers.

How are scores calculated?

Each question has an assigned point value ranging from 10-50. As you answer questions, points are added or subtracted based on correct and incorrect answers, respectively. Your total is updated after each question and is constantly displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen. There are 450 points in each game.

Do I have to answer all 15 questions or once, or can I come back and finish later?

You do not have to answer all 15 questions in one sitting. The game menu will display how many questions remain in each game (e.g., 07/2008: Allergy, Ethics, Pregnancy 11 more). NOTE: Answers are saved to your local device, so you must answer all questions from the same machine.

Is it possible to play offline?

No, you must be connected to play.

I finished a game. Now what?

After you answer all 15 questions, the final screen will display a point summary for each category. Click the "Menu" link in the top right corner to return to the list of games.

Can I play the same game more than once?

Clearing your browser data history will clear answers from all games.

When are new questions added?

New questions are added every month.